Grand Atlas

Residential Realty Trust

Grand Atlas Residential Realty Trust was founded to invest in core-plus and value-add multifamily properties located in stable non-gateway markets across the Northeastern and Southeastern United States. Grand Atlas Residential Realty Trust is a private, non-traded Real Estate Investment Trust, also referred to as a “REIT.”

The assets we intend to acquire will be externally managed by Grand Atlas Asset Management, LLC (our Asset Manager) and Grand Atlas Property Management, LLC (our Property Manager). Our Asset Manager’s and our Property Manager’s key executives have, on average, over 26 years of experience in fields critical to the acquisition and management of real estate assets, as well as a track record of delivering strong, risk-adjusted returns to investors.

Grand Atlas Property Management, our external property manager:













Investment in Grand Atlas

Investment in Grand Atlas

Residential Realty Trust

Grand Atlas Residential Reality Trust, Inc. is a private Real Estate Investment Trust (a “REIT”).

Grand Atlas Residential Realty Trust is currently offering shares of its common stock in a private placement to those investors who meet the criteria established by the Securities Exchange Commission for Accredited Investors as defined under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended.

All questions regarding the offering should be directed to our Investor Relations team.

Please view important disclosure and risk factors here.

What is a Real Estate Investment Trust?

REITs are investment vehicles that allow individual investors to purchase shares in an entity that owns real estate. REITs may create an opportunity for investors to invest in a diversified pool of professionally managed real estate assets.

REITs are taxed differently from non-REIT corporations. In exchange for meeting tests intended to ensure that they invest primarily in real estate and distribute substantially all of the income from owning real estate to their shareholders, REITs are allowed to deduct their dividend distributions from taxable income. This may result in a higher proportion of distributions to pre-tax income than would be recognized by a non-REIT corporation.

What do REITs Offer Investors?

Access to the Real Estate Asset Class

Investing in real estate directly is not an option for many individual investors due to its labor, management and capital intensiveness. REITs pool assets and sell fractional shares in the entity that owns those assets, while providing professional property and asset management services, thus making investment in real estate assets accessible to a broader range of investors.


A REIT may own multiple assets, allowing for diversification of a shareholder’s investment across property locations, risk profiles, and performance drivers

Professional Management

Property management and asset management of real estate assets may be a significant barrier to entry to most investors seeking to allocate funds to real estate. REITs may remove this barrier by providing professional management services to the properties owned.

Hard Underlying Asset

Real estate has long been upheld for the tangibility of its “sticks and bricks” when considered against less tangible investment opportunities.

Accredited investors are invited to contact our Investor Relations team to learn more about the benefits of investing in real estate and REITs.

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